Grant Recipients

Christina – Beckley, WV

To say that Christina had been through a lot would be an understatement. She had gone through a grueling surgery, having metal rods and screws inserted into her body.  These surgical implants were the result of a devastating physical attack by a former boyfriend.  That trauma was compounded just a week later by a poorly timed step on a rain-slicked wooden deck.

The combined injuries—a shattered cheek bone and nose and a broken leg—resulted in multiple surgeries and a painful recovery, leaving Christina without the ability to work and meet her financial obligations.  Her landlord kindly allowed her to stay in her apartment, despite being three months behind in her rent payments.  But her bills were piling up.  On top of that, her utility companies were threatening to shut off her services. Thankfully Christina was able to get support from Network Angels and her community.

Christina, a DSP for REM West Virginia, applied to the program, requesting emergency help with rent.  Her request for two months’ worth of rent was granted.  In addition, friends from Spirit and Truth Ministries—her church—paid her utility bills.

“Just when you think you are done, somebody is there with an outstretched hand,” said Christina, who remains grateful to her colleagues.  “I wasn’t just an employee. I was more than that.”