How It Works

Network Angels Grant Recipient

Who’s Eligible

Grants are distributed based on a qualifying event and documented financial need. A qualifying event is the crisis you experience that creates a financial need in your life. IRS tax laws require that a grant recipient have an approved and documented qualifying event in order to keep grants tax-free for everyone.

To be eligible for a grant, an applicant must have an approved qualifying event and be either (a) an employee employed by Sevita or a partner organization for a minimum of six months, (b) a non-Mentor independent contractor with at least 300 hours of contracted billable time in the past six months or (c) a Mentor independent contractor with at least at least 90 contracted billable days in the past six months.

What’s Covered

Network Angels focuses on the necessities required for daily living, for example:

  • Temporary shelter, food and clothing after a fire or natural disaster
  • Utility bills that have gone unpaid because of extraordinary medical expenses
  • Back rent or mortgage payments after an accident or illness has left an employee or their spouse unable to work for an extended period of time
  • Funeral expenses for an immediate family member

If you need assistance, visit the Apply for a Grant page for more information and an application or contact us at any time.