Grant Recipients

Judy – Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Network Angels Grant Recipient

The details of life intrude. Often, there are funerals to plan, relatives to greet and yes, even bills to pay.  Big bills.

Judy, a staff accountant with California MENTOR, was overwhelmed by the emotional and practical pressures of losing her husband last June.

“There is so much to deal with in such a quick period of time,” recalled Judy.  “It was a logistical nightmare.”

And a huge financial drain.  Funeral expenses were layered on top of already significant travel bills. Judy’s husband fought renal cancer for three years, spending some of that time at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Phoenix.

Judy’s supervisor suggested she get in touch with Network Angels for assistance, especially when making her rent became a tough hurdle to clear.  She was already aware of the program; in fact, Judy had been a Network Angels donor from her very first day at California MENTOR.

“I knew I wanted to be a part of it when I was hired,” she said. Her generosity came full circle.

“The grant from Network Angels was a great relief,” explained Judy.  “It was one heavy brick taken from a huge pile of them.  It was more than just financial assistance; it was peace of mind and a feeling of being cared for during a time when I needed it the most.”