Grant Recipients

Tracey – Carbondale, IL

Grant RecipientTracey had been very familiar with Network Angels.  As a human resource business partner with NeuroRestorative—a partner of The MENTOR Network—part of her job is to inform new employees about Network Angels during the onboarding process.  She never anticipated needing support from Network Angels, and didn’t even think to reach out when tragedy struck her family.

Tracey’s husband, Kevin, passed away after a car accident the day after Memorial Day 2013.  Picking up the pieces after such a loss is difficult enough, but Tracey also had to focus on making sure her 4 year-old daughter had the support she needed to process the loss of a parent. Luckily there was help—plenty of it.  In addition to the generosity of numerous family members and friends, Tracey’s coworkers were right there to offer support.

“I really have to acknowledge the group here in Carbondale (Illinois),” Tracey said.  “They were the ones who reached out to get the application rolling with Network Angels.  They knew I was not even thinking about it.”

Tracey had been consumed with merely trying to reestablish a regular routine for herself and her daughter.  This involved—among many things—ensuring that she did not fall behind on bill payments.  However, with her coworkers having already done the legwork, Tracey found that help from Network Angels was literally one phone call away.

“When I talked to Sarah Magazine (Executive Director of Network Angels), she told me that everyone at Network Angels wanted to make sure that we’re taken care of,” Tracey said.  “We received a grant that went toward my mortgage.  Financially it was assistance, but it was also the peace of mind that it brought—one less thing that I had to worry about.”

Since its inception, Network Angels has had a way of bringing employees together—not just to raise funds for the cause, but in direct support of colleagues in need.

“This went beyond Network Angels,” Tracey said of the support she received.  “It was really The MENTOR Network in general that advocated for me and my family.  I was never thinking of Network Angels for myself. But having that personal experience certainly helped shine a light on what the organization can do—for me and for others.”